Trail Assistance Needed!

My husband and I climbed Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago. It only takes a few hours to climb and descend again, but it’s a workout and a half! This is a picture of part of the trail we took, looking back at what we’d just climbed. Continue reading Trail Assistance Needed!


Water… Vapor, that is!

The changing scenery of the sky always reminds me that life is ever changing. We can’t get too comfortable or too lost in our circumstances, because change is a-comin’!

In spite of the innumerable changes life itself brings, we can be sure that God never changes. He is forever the same.

This is my response to the Developing Your Eye: Water assignment, in which we are to compare photo orientation. Here is a  horizontal view of the same clouds, which somehow makes them seem much farther away!